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About Us

Philippine American Performing Arts of Greater Pittsburgh (PAPAGP) was organized to preserve and promote Filipino culture through dance, music and other creative and performing arts.

PAPAGP was established in June 2012. Its founding members envision the organization to grow strongly devoted to dance yet embrace and promote the other performing arts.

PAPAGP has been incorporated as a non-profit organization in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and has 501 (c) 3 status.

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Our Mission

Philippine-American Performing Arts of Greater Pittsburgh's mission is to instill in its members a deeper understanding and appreciation of their rich cultural heritage and proudly shares this with the public.

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What We Do

PAPAGP carries out its mission through its dance troupe that introduces and teaches the art of Filipino folk dancing and nurtures the appreciation of this ethnic expression. The dance troupe is composed mostly of children and young adults under the tutelage and direction of experienced choreographers.

Members learn the exotic and graceful movements of the diverse regional dances unique to the Philippines and are trained to perform on stage. This dance troupe is supported by an all-volunteer staff and by generous donations from performances, parents and other benefactors. Donations pay for costumes, accessories and props, that are provided at no cost to the dancers. Dance training is also offered free.

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Board of Directors

Dr. Antonia Mendoza


Antoinette Angeles

Chief Operations Officer

Marie Helsel


Justina Purpura

Ways and Means

Kristina Pacifico


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