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Frequently Asked Questions


Where do the dancers practice?

  • Stephen Foster Community Center

    • 286 Main St, Pittsburgh, PA 15201

Location depends on availability.​ To be informed of future dance practices, please email

When are practices and how long do they last?

  • Practices are normally on Sundays but may include Saturdays depending on the need to practice for performances. Practices are usually four hours with snack breaks in between. Email for updates on official schedule.

How many members/dancers are in this group?

  • About 40 active dancers in the troupe.

What are the age ranges of the dancers?

  • Adults, teens and children.

    • Adults: 30 and above

    • Seniors: 13 – 29 years old

    • Juniors: 12 and below

Does the parent need to stay for the whole practice?

  • Parents are not required to stay for the whole practice but are encouraged to stay if they can. Non-dancers are welcome to mingle in the lounge areas. If a parent is not able to stay and help their child, it is recommended to ask another parent to assist the child until they are picked up by the parent.  

Is there a fee for this group? Do I have to pay for anything?

  • There is no fee to join the group. Occasionally we may ask parents to pay for their child’s costume but that costume will be owned by you and belongs to your child.

Is previous dance training required?

  • Many of our dancers started without any dance training. Instructors will gauge dancer’s abilities for placements in dances and provide additional training or one-on-one practices as needed. Dancers are also able to learn a dance if they feel they can do it, or drop an assigned dance if they do not feel comfortable performing the dance.

Is dance the only way to participate in this group?

  • There are more ways you can participate. The group is in the process of putting together musicians to create a live band and singers to perform the music that accompanies the dances or can perform on their own. We are also in search of more costume designers and prop makers who can assist in making props or set pieces.

Do you have to be Filipino to join this group?

  • The group welcomes people of all ethnicities and cultural backgrounds, just as long as you have an interest in or would like to help our cause of preserving, promoting and propagating the Filipino culture.

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